Q: Do we take our photos with a professional camera?

A: Sometimes, but we usually take photos with an iPhone 6s.

Q: Do we do animal features?

A: No, sorry for the disclaimer. We only take photos of animals mostly dogs and then upload them to our Instagram. 

Q: Do we do shoutouts?

A: Sorry we don’t do shoutouts we want our work to look and be professional just by posting our dog photos, and (sometimes) dog drawings or videos.

Q: Do you do dog drawings?

A: Yes, we do. We occasionally upload some of our drawings onto our Instagram. We usually draw dogs if we have taken a photo of them, but if you want us to draw your pet just DM us. Unfortunately we cannot send you any of our art creations because we do not want to expose any personal information such as addresses. But we can DM you a photo of our drawing we’ve created for you.

Q: Do we photography all animals or just dogs?

A: We photography both but mainly dogs. Learn why we mainly photography dogs here

*The question below might sound a bit a ridiculous thing to do or put as an FAQ but some people just can’t manage themselves on the internet.

*Q: If we see comments that are inappropriate or something like “go to this site for followers,” do we delete them?

A: Yes we do. We feel that it isn’t necessary for inappropriate comments to be on our Instagram site. We also feel that we do not need those “go to this site for more follower,” comments aren’t needed either, because first of all it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, and secondly these sites are usually scams.

Q: How can I be notified when you post something?

A: Go to our Instagram. Then click the “…” Lastly press “Turn on  Post Notifications.” It’s highly recommend that you turn on you post notifications for our account so that you can be the first to know about our photos posts via Instagram.


Thank you all so much  for supporting us in everything we do! You are best!

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– @thetweendogist