Yes or No to Crate training?

Crate training

A lot of people say, “My puppy doesn’t like it. I do not want to put them in a cage.”

Sure it may feel like a cage to them at first, but the point of crate them is to make the dog have a designated personal space. The crate can also help with other things like potty training your puppy by teaching it to hold in its bussiness. Just make sure to take away their food and water 3-4 hours before they go in the crate, and to also wake up early to take them out to go potty.

Because puppies need to learn to hold their potty I do not suggest getting a product called the puppy apartment. The puppy apartment is essentially a crate that has a pee pad next to your puppies bed but is still in their crate. It is crate that has a bed and potty in it.

I think it is a good idea for dogs with bladder problems, but not for puppies because they need to learn to hold it! Therefore if you give them a potty right next to the place they sleep they will never learn.

Also dogs do not like to potty in their bed or near it, that is why when they are in a confined crate (their bed) they will make more of an effort to hold it.

Professional trainers say to get a crate that is going to fit your dogs adult size, but then to get a divider that will suit their small puppy size.

Lastly I personally would not like my puppy to go pee or poo in their potty side and then to accidentally walk in it and go back to their bed side. That would end up in dirty laundry and more work.

Puppies may cry in their crate at first but that’s because they want to be with us. They are an animas that crave attention and companionship.

Eventually they will love the crate and you may even see them go in there during the day to sleep.


Letting your puppy sleep in your bed is not a good idea. If they are a small puppy or maybe even a large one you could accidentally hurt them. Also they may pee in your bed.

Don’t get upset if they poo or pee in the crate they are still learning and just puppies. Eventually they will learn “this is my bed, not my potty space.”

Always use positive reinforcement and try to give them a treat as much as you can when they go potty outside or on their wee wee pad.

I think everyone with a puppy should consider crate training their puppy. Ultimately this will help your puppy in life a lot more than you think it will. Thanks for reading!

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