Are Pit Bulls the New Police Dog?

When you think about what breed a police dog may be the first thing(s) that comes to mind is a labrador retriever or a german shepard. But now you may think of Pit Bulls as the the new police dog.

Pit Bulls are starting to get a second chance as police dogs.

Athena and Kiah are Pit Bulls that were brought from the shelter, and trained as a police dogs.

About Athena: 

Athena’s shelter story:

“Officer Athena’s path to the police department is an interesting one. She was rescued from Dallas Animal Services. A group called Animal Farm Foundation tested her for her ability to do the job and provided training.

Police say Officer Athena will also make special appearances in elementary schools.

“Right here in the City of Dallas, we have a huge pet population, and it’s a big issue. And we’re going to use this as an educational tool, to teach the kids, not only about what’s going on in the schools. But also how they can tie it to the community, and be responsible students and citizens in the City of Dallas,” Assistant Chief Jason Rodriguez said.”

Police Dog Training:

“Pit bulls plucked from local shelters (where they were close to death) have now completed an extensive narcotics training program. The dogs graduated today and will soon work in local schools. Nine dogs graduated from the training program, some from as far away as Missouri and North Carolina.” –

About her new job:

According to, “She’s going to be going to the schools, looking for narcotics, and serving as a role model in the community,” says officer Jody Bullard with the Dallas ISD police department. “Together with their partners in blue, they will roam the hallways of mostly high schools, searching for drugs in places their masters cannot.”

About Kiah:

Kiah is the first “official” police dog in New York. 

Kiah’s Shelter Story: 

According to “A sheepish, but strong-looking pit bull named Kiah was in the corner, recovering from a brutal injury to her skull. He was told the abused dog was hit in the head with a hammer shortly before she arrived at the shelter.” 

Police Dog Training: 

According to, “At first, Kiah was hard to train. She didn’t understand what she was supposed to do. But soon it was clear to Croft: she was a fast learner.

By the end of an eight-week training period, the “gifted” dog was ready to work.

“If we were to have some kind of contest, she would outwork [the other dogs] all days of the week,” a confident Croft said. “This dog is crazy good.”

About Her New Job:

According to, “Now, nearly two years later, Kiah works alongside her partner, Officer Justin Bruzgul, as a narcotics and missing persons detection dog.”

I really like the idea of training Pit Bulls to be police dogs because it will (hopefully) break the Pit Bull stereotype. This would be great because then more Pit Bulls would be adopted from shelters. It is also great to know that more Pit Bulls are getting adopted to be trained as working dogs.









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