Why I chose to photograph (mainly) dogs over cats

I photograph mostly dogs on my @thetweendogist Instagram account. Sometimes I photograph cats, but like I said mostly dogs.

Below are 4 reasons why I wanted to (mainly) take dogs photos over cat photos.

  1. People do not walk their cats outside like they do with dogs. If I tried to photograph cats then I would get barely any photos because it is harder to find cats as oppose to dogs.
  2. For me personally it seems very hard to get a cats attention, so taking a good photo of them would be hard.
  3. I like cats but if I had to chose cats or dogs it would be dogs.
  4. I got inspired to start the account with a dog account not cat one therefore dog photos are mainly taken.
  5. I feel like dogs personalities show more than cats personalities in photos which makes the photos much more interesting.

Comment down below if you like cats or dogs better!

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